The Jeff Foxworthy Show Season 2

The Jeff Foxworthy Show Season 2 is the 1996-1997 edition of the comedy sitcom created by Tom Anderson. The second season starred Jeff Foxworthy (Himself), Ann Cusack (Karen Foxworthy), Haley Joel Osment (Matt Foxworthy), Jonathan Lipnicki (Justin Foxworthy), Bill Engvall (Bill Pelton), Neil Giuntoli (Florus Workman), G.W. Bailey (Big Jim Foxworthy), Jeanine Jackson (Livie Ann Pitts), Kathryn Zaremba (Nettie), Candy Trubucco (Candy Conklin), Dave Powledge (Ebb Conklin), Paula Sorge (Betty Pelton), Darryl Theirse (Andre Tucsan), Fred Applegate (Ernie Binderman) and Kevin Crowley (Trey). The second had several famous guest stars including Tim McGraw, Mario Andretti, Terry Bradshaw and Bill Walton. The second season of The Jeff Foxworthy Show is based in Briarton, Georgia. The show also moved from ABC to NBC.

Jeff and his family moved to Jeff’s grandfather’s house in Briarton, GA because he lost his business in Bloomington, IN. Jeff is now a supervisor at Pitts Trucking in Briarton. In the second season Karen begins as a stay at home mom, but then goes back to nursing at a local hospital. Jeff now has a very cute and loveable second son, Justin, played by Jonathan Lipnicki. Now that Jeff is back in his hometown the audience is introduced to Big Jim Foxworthy, Jeff’s Dad, and Bill Pelton, Jeff’s best friend. Big Jim is always coming over at inopportune times and giving the boys advice.

The second season of “The Jeff Foxworthy Show” focuses on the challenges of living in Briaton and Jeff trying to show Matt and Justin what is great about living in the South. The shows starts with the Foxworthy’s just having moved back to Briarton and the family getting used to it. As the show progresses it has a good mix of the characters and challenges that Jeff has to deal with at work as well as the challenges and situations Jeff has to deal with at home.

I like the second season of the show better than the first because Jeff Foxworthy is able to use more of his redneck humor in the episodes. Many of the other characters including Justin and Matt Foxworthy, Big Jim, Karen and Bill Pelton also get in on the humor. I especially like the Justin Foxworthy character. It is hard to beat humor from a cute and very lovable kid. The second season also involves a lot more humorous interaction between Jeff and Karen which adds greatly to the show.

The second season of The Jeff Foxworthy Show features more comedic interaction than the first season. If you like Jeff Foxworthy and comedy sitcoms, The Jeff Foxworthy Show Season 2 is a show that you need to watch and add to your collection. Both seasons are worth watching and I recommend owning both of them.

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